Let’s Use Tiger Teams to Get the Big Things Done

The appalling casualty rate of ideas and initiatives on Capitol Hill has become intolerable. We can no longer afford to watch our biggest and best ideas die of asphyxiation. These are dangerous times and the stakes are much too high.

We need another way to get the big things done—a way to bypass the legislative “sphincter” and turn good ideas into actions.

We have such a way. It’s called the “tiger team” approach, and it’s been proven in lots of successful organizations, including the US military, some federal agencies, and in business enterprises.

In a nutshell: whenever an organization is too sluggish, too ponderous, too arthritic, too incompetent, or too conflicted to handle a difficult challenge, we need to build a “work-around.” We leave the bureaucracy to its own bureaucratic paralysis and set  up a separate, temporary enterprise, laser-focused on one assigned mission.