What is the “Blueprint?”

The Blueprint for a New America, based on the book of the same title, is a gathering place—a community of people, mostly Americans but open to all citizens of the world, who want to see the American Republic survive and thrive in these difficult times, and to constantly evolve as a better place for everyone. Call it “the people’s think tank.”  More…

See Kirkus Review: "Relentlessly Nonpartisan"

About the Book

Blueprint for a New America will shake up the American national conversation as no other book ever has.

Introduced by esteemed journalist Major Garrett and written by best-selling author and strategic thinking expert Karl Albrecht, it takes a fresh new look at the American Republic—from the big picture, human systems perspective. More…

Our Body of Knowledge


“Washington’s most desperate problem now is the utter lack of imagination; its absolute desert of ideas; its intellectual stasis. Blueprint for a New America is a grand thought exercise about the American Republic. It bristles with new questions; new ideas; new constructs and new remedies.”

—Major Garrett, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News @MajorCBS

“Karl Albrecht invites us to elevate the national conversation—to dispense with political diatribes and partisan food fights and begin a shared search for understanding. Read it, then give a copy to your favorite elected official.”

—Daniel Pink, NY Times #1 Best-Selling Author, A Whole New Mind

“A gold mine of ideas! Karl Albrecht helps us think deeply about the important issues of our day. He shares compelling stories and deep truths from America’s past.”

—Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


“An acclaimed thinker . . .

“Albrecht’s refreshing and relentless nonpartisan disposition, that replaces finger-pointing with solution-driven ideas, is a welcome addition to today’s political discourse.

“In addition to policy reforms, the book’s sweeping narrative provides a broad overview of American history, identifies the prerequisite “building blocks” of successful republics, and delivers perspectives on myriad topics related to the United States’ place in humanity’s past and future.”

Kirkus Reviews