About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a community of interest—people who have a stake in the future of the American Republic. We want to see it survive, thrive, and grow toward its true potential. We want a Republic that works for everyone.

This community arose from the study of Karl Albrecht’s landmark book, Blueprint for a New America: Can We Save the World’s Most Admired Republic?

We aim to:

1. Make the book more widely known, read, and discussed, not only in America but for all people who want to see the American democracy succeed and make a positive contribution to the planet.

2. Continually extend, expand, and improve on the ground-breaking concepts presented in the book.

3. Model and advocate a pattern of civil discourse that can raise the national conversation to a higher level—including in the news and social media—so that all voices can be heard and respected.

4. Offer the leaders of our Republic valuable new ideas, perspectives, and practical solutions that can make all of the dynamic systems of the Republic work better.

What we are not:

    • We are not a place for entrepreneurs to “network.”
    • We are not a place for individuals to promote themselves, their services, or their products.
    • We are not a political, religious, or other single-issue “faction.”